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Frequently Asked Questions

Boiler Questions:
Should I be able to smell oil in my house?
No. A smell of oil in your home indicates that something is wrong. It could be caused by any number of faults in or around your system. It is imperative that you call an OFTEC approved technician to check out your system.
Should I have black smoke coming out of the flue?
A properly set and tuned boiler should produce very little emission, either visible or otherwise. Black smoke, or a build up of soot on the wall around the boilers flue outlet suggests that the boiler is not burning efficiently. An OFTEC registered technician should be called to adjust the boiler.
My oil tank is now filled after I ran out but the boiler will still not work?
If the oil tank is inadvertently emptied of its contents, when it is refilled the oil line will be full of air. This needs purging from the tank to the burner. Although quite a simple job which in most cases takes about 15 minutes we still recommend that an OFTEC registered technician is called.
What is the "commissioning" of a oil fired boiler?
Commissioning is the fine tuning of your oil fired boiler to your individual heating system to ensure optimum boiler efficiency and reliability. Commissioning usually occurs the first time a new boiler is put into operation and is normally a warranty requirement for all types of oil fired boilers.
Does my oil fired boiler need servicing?
Yes. Your oil fired boiler should be serviced regularly at least once every year. Annual servicing will maintain an oil fired boiler's efficiency, reliability and longevity and is also a requirement of a boilers warranty.
Tank Questions:
Why do I keep running out when my sight gauge/electronic sensor says I have got oil?
You should check your tank and sight gauge regularly to ensure that you have oil. Sight gauges usually have a valve which when opened allows the level in the sight gauge to reflect the level of oil in the tank. If this valve is shut then the sight gauge is not reflecting the true tank level. Thus the tank can run out whilst the gauge shows oil. For electronic sensors there may be a fault with the probe or transmitter, contact your local distributor.
Should my sight gauge be left open or closed?
Whenever possible a sight gauge should be left closed. Although this means that the reading on the gauge does not reflect the level of oil in the tank until it is opened, it also means that if for some reason the sight gauge is detached, the oil is still trapped inside the tank.
What is a bunded tank?
A bunded tank is a tank that is contained within a surround that is capable of holding 110% of the storage capacity of the tank. A bunded tank prevents any oil spill from the tank polluting the surrounding area.
Do I need a bunded tank?
If you are a commercial oil user, or the fuel is stored on a commercial site, then it must be stored in a bunded tank. If you are a domestic oil user, you will not normally be required to bund your tank if it has a capacity of less than 2500 litres. However all oil users - including domestic users - will need to have a bunded tank should they not pass the OFTEC risk assessment form (TI/133P). Please contact our office for more information if in any doubt.
How do I find out the capacity of my tank?
If your tank is plastic look for the model number which is normally located at one of the ends. If your tank is metal then measure the dimensions (H x W x L). Once you have this information, contact our office and our staff will be able to work out the exact capacity.
Delivery Questions:
Can you deliver when the boiler is on?
A properly set up and maintained system should not be affected by the change of oil in your tank. If a delivery causes your appliance to stop working it has not been set up or serviced correctly.
Do I have to be at home for you to deliver my oil?
If our driver can gain access to the tank safely then he will do his utmost to deliver your oil. If there are special circumstances regarding the delivery, we will do our best to accommodate. If you have any doubt please ask when you place your order.
How do I know how much oil is delivered?
All our deliveries are made through the meter on the tanker. This meter stamps the start volume and finish volume. The difference between these readings is what has passed into your tank. All meters are set, sealed and checked by Trading Standards. This guaranties that you have received what has been stamped on the meter.
How far can the tank be from the tanker?
The oil tank should be no further than 130/140 feet from the position where the delivery tanker is expected to park. This is a maximum distance and must be in a straight line. If the course of the delivery hose is not straight i.e. around corners of house etc., then this distance will be reduced. SS Motors will always attempt to make a delivery, but remember if the hose doesn't reach we can't deliver.
What is your minimum delivery?
The minimum delivery we can make by law is 500 litres. However, there are benefits of increasing the volume of your fuel order. A cheaper price overall, so you save money, less deliveries to see into your property and you order less often so no need to check your tank as often. Less tanker road miles is also greener and environmentally friendly.
How much VAT on home heating oil?
Domestic customers buying heating oil are charged VAT at only 5%.
How can I pay for my oil?
We want to make paying for your fuel as easy as receiving it. So you can choose to pay by cheque or by card over the phone and online via our secure server. We also offer a monthly payment scheme so that you can spread the cost of your warmth over the year, making your bills far more manageable (subject to conditions).
General Questions:
How long can I Keep Kerosene?
Kerosene does not really have a shelf life. Many customers only fill their tank once a year and thus just prior to refilling, the Kerosene in their tank is a year old. As a distributor, we will always endeavour to buy recently refined Kerosene. However all products delivered by ourselves will meet or exceed British Standards at the time of delivery.
What is the right amount of fuel to use to heat my house?
The consumption of oil varies from property to property. Consumption depends on the size of your house, efficiency of your insulation, performance of your boiler and the temperature you like to keep your home. As these vary between individuals it is almost impossible to work out exactly what your fuel usage should be.

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